Piarom Date

It is perhaps one of the most delicious semi-arid dates in the world. These dates are called my local dialect. The palm trees are mainly planted on the slopes of the mountains and irrigated by atmospheres designed at different levels by the rivers of the area. The cultivation of these palms is mainly “organic” and no chemicals were used at that stage. The thin skin of these dates is dark brown in color and since the meat and the skin are completely “attached” to it, it has a nice appearance and the washing process is also complete and since most of the sugar in the It is a type of fructose that is readily and rapidly used in the body’s metabolism, and is well tolerated as the sugar used by people with diabetes, and those who once consumed these dates because of their good taste and good appearance, One of the most important and famous is dates. Its low moisture content is one of the semi-arid cultivars. It is of late fruits, its fruit quality is favorable and export-friendly



Piarum dates are one of the well-known and most important in Southern part of Iran.
It is delicious, meaty and Semi-Dry with 15% moisture. The color of this unique date is dark brown. Piarum dates have thin skin and because of its low sugar it is suitable for diabetic people.
It is mostly organic and does not use any chemicals at harvest and it is noted this king of date is washable.
The size of Piarum date is between 4-6 cm and the harvest time is middle of September.